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borderline personality disorder wikipedia - borderline personality disorder bpd also known as emotionally unstable personality disorder eupd is a long term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by unstable relationships with other people unstable sense of self and unstable emotions there is often dangerous behavior and self harm people may also struggle with a feeling of emptiness and a fear of abandonment, treatment of personality disorder sciencedirect - the evidence base for the effective treatment of personality disorders is insufficient most of the existing evidence on personality disorder is for the treatment of borderline personality disorder but even this is limited by the small sample sizes and short follow up in clinical trials the wide range of core outcome measures used by studies and poor control of coexisting psychopathology, cognitive analytic therapy wikipedia - cognitive analytic therapy cat is a form of psychological therapy initially developed in the united kingdom by anthony ryle this time limited therapy was developed in the context of the uk s national health service with the aim of providing effective and affordable psychological treatment which could be realistically provided in a resource constrained public health system, trastorno l mite de la personalidad wikipedia la - el trastorno l mite de la personalidad borderline abreviado como tlp tambi n llamado lim trofe o fronterizo es definido por el dsm iv dsm iv 301 83 1 como un trastorno de la personalidad que se caracteriza primariamente por inestabilidad emocional pensamiento extremadamente polarizado y dicot mico impulsividad y relaciones interpersonales ca ticas, international trainers list eata eatanews org - international trainers list welcome to the international trainers list trainers on this list are certified to give training in one or more of the four fields of ta, about self injury and recovery - what is self injury nonsuicidal self injury nssi is the deliberate self inflicted destruction of body tissue resulting in immediate damage without suicidal intent and for purposes not culturally sanctioned self injury can include a variety of behaviors but is most commonly associated with intentional carving or cutting of the skin, main psychopathy reference list - this reference list was compiled by robert hare for personal use most but not all of the articles listed on these pages discuss or evaluate the pcl r the pcl sv the pcl yv and other hare scales links to available abstracts and when available links to the full text on the journal web sites are provided search for full text on the page below